Old Thorntonians Association
Henry Thornton School, Clapham


Four films taken by OTs, shown on the following pages, are available. 

Of further interest is a short film, also from 1966, at British Pathé. Type "Henry Thornton" in the search box, revealing just two entries. Click on "Go" on the second item, then "Preview Stills". You'll see a synopsis of the clips, as well as the images themselves, describing the go-kart project at HTS supervised by Mr Moscrop, the metalwork/woodwork master. His five-year-old son, Graham, is one of the "dragsters". It's possible to download the film free of charge, at the "preview" rate of 128kb/sec; this offers a reasonable viewing quality.




This silent BW film, entitled "A Day in the Life at  HTS", was made by OT Arthur West in c1949. 



Filmed by Alan Kurtz (1951-8)



Filmed by Mike Prendergast (1959-66). The footage includes glimpses of the front of the school; the Biology lab; the sculpture is known as "The Scholar"; (probably) the Aeromodelling Society huts; Mr Phillips cycling around the back of the school; and the grounds of the former Stowey House school, which had by then become part of HTS. The "cast":  Ron Bernstein; Mike Farthing (wearing the School Captain's gown); Clive Baker (driving the go-kart, made in the metal workshop); Chris Allen (riding on the back of the go-kart); Denis Cahill; Alan (Sam) Grant; Dave Kudelka; and Ron Smith.



 Camera operator and voiceover:  Ron Bernstein (1959-66)